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Your *Free* Video Workshop: How to Become a Client Magnet.

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The 5 Most Common Oversights that Entrepreneurs Make that Prevent Business Growth. 

I totally get it.  You're lying under your feather duvet, staring at your dark-as-night bedroom ceiling.  You're tryna get your “8 hours” when all you’re thinking is, “how the f*#k am I gonna pay back all this school tuition?"

You're wondering whether you're the only wellness entrepreneur on the planet who breaks into laboured breathing and cold sweats when you think about paying your rent. 

No one told you when you were becoming an expert in sun salutations, learning to identify botanical herbs, and creating the latest paleo food therapies, that it was a fine-art-form to actually find the clients to share these epic skills with. 

Imagine if your business started making you thousands of dollars to match the thousands of hours you put in? 

Do You:

Have a million hours of education, but still struggle to attract clients?

Plan workshops that aren't getting filled?

Watch yogi gurus and health experts online with thousands of social media followers, while you desperately try to brand your services + stand out from the crowds? 

could you imagine how it would feel to:

  • Arrive home at night, put on your favourite yoga clothes, sink into your plush leather couch with a glass of (amazing) red wine, and excitedly share with your (loving and supportive) partner, stories of all the people who bought your online course, who booked appointments, and who signed up for your workshops?
  • Book an around-the-world plane ticket to Nepal, Bali, Italy, Fiji, Barbados, Argentina, and everywhere in-between, because your online business is so slammin' busy, that you can work from anywhere? 

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Stuck in determining your niche market of clients?

Confused about how to brand your services to stand out?

Struggling to make a living with years of education?

Overwhelmed in balancing your practice with social media marketing?

Discouraged by a lack of clients?

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