Yoga teachers, fitness pros, naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, wellness coaches, and meditation instructors:

Are you:

Stuck in determining your niche market of clients?

Confused about how to brand your services to stand out?

Struggling to make a living with years of education?

Overwhelmed in balancing your practice with social media marketing?

Discouraged by a lack of clients?

I've got a NEW online video course, launching, September, 2017! 

Business Skills for Healthy People.

An innovative + interactive course, especially for yoga instructors and wellness experts who have a burning desire to start + grow a thriving business in just six weeks.

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What sets me apart from every other business coach out there? 

Profoundly, I've been there. 

There are plenty of SEO Experts, Branding Boss Babes, Marketing Gurus + Brilliant Web Designers out there. 

But, none of them have been yoga instructors or alternative medicine practitioners. 

There are millions of yoga teachers + holistic health experts around the world, but, very few have been trained in business. 

After five years of building a full-time homeopathic medicine practice + two years of working as a full-time yoga and meditation instructor, I progressively watched one practitioner after another, get discouraged, and drop out of practicing.  

I decided that I was going to learn how to create the most authentically sensational business I could possibly create.

I've trained with the best business coaches around the globe. 

I've been there. I get where you're at.  I know what it's like, to lie awake at night, clenched with anxiety, wondering how you're possibly going to pay off your school debt. How you're going to find clients. How you're going to set yourself apart from every other wellness expert out there. Wondering whether anyone will sign up for your classes. Heart-racing, knowing that you've just signed a contract to pay rent at a new clinic, and wondering if any clients will call. 

If you're a yoga instructor or wellness expert, and you feel like you're floundering in business, you're in the right place. 

I've got your back. 

welcome to infinite oceans business coaching!

Are you an ethical, heart-centered, educated and knowledgeable yoga or alternative health expert, struggling to make an abundant living?

What's the deal? Too many alternative health education degrees don't include the massive expanse of business knowledge required to create a sustainable and financially successful business. 

Here's the truth: This world, today, needs your skills.

You already have insight and compassion. You have the yoga, fitness and whole health knowledge. 

You don't have to sell your soul to make a living. No more giving your services away for free. 

Join our awareness-nation: The more people we can train to move through the world with awareness, the better. 

My Mission:

To be your biggest supporter as you build a thriving + financially profitable business, that aligns with your values as a conscious entrepreneur. 

To share the exact strategies I've learned to find my ideal clients, to write professional copy for my website, to get deeply inside the minds of my clients, to create EPIC solutions to their biggest problems, and to build products and services to support my dream life.



Travel and work from abroad.

Create a thriving business. 

Find your niche market.

Becoming a branding expert. 

Join our community.

We'd love to have you.  

I'd love to share some of my most valuable tools with YOU: Here's a mini-guide to help you to:

Move from zero-sales months to selling what clients want to buy.

Create strategies to get inside the minds of your ideal clients. To determine *who* they're looking for.

Create the life you've imagine. Live from anywhere in the world. Become a global entrepreneur.

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