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Day One: 

How to Double Your Client Base & Quadruple Your Income.

How to Know if You're Making this Big Mistake When Talking to Potential Clients. 


Day Two: 

Why Finding a Speciality is KEY to Building a Profitable Business.

Why I Handed $1000 to My Physiotherapist When He Said These Words to Me.


Day Three: 

How to Brand Your Yoga Business

How to Brand Yourself as a Naturopath

Are you Tryna be Everyone’s Best Friend & Still Going Home Lonely (and Broke)?


Day Four: 

How to Test if You Have a Profitable Business, *Before* You Spend Thousands of Dollars.

The Secret that Took me from Empty Waiting Rooms to Full Wait Lists in my Homeopathy Practice.


Day Five: 

What If Your Business Started Making You Thousands of Dollars to Match the Thousands of Hours You Invest?


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