Yogis + Alternative Medicine Practitioners!

Are you:

Struggling to make a living?

Planning workshops that aren't getting filled? 

Feel like you're getting lost in the masses of yogis and healers?

This video course is for YOU:  

Learn to Build a Thriving Yoga + Wellness Business. 

Conquer Your Fear about Money + Wealth.

Find Your Niche Clients.

Build Your First Online Product or Service.

Brand Your Unique Skills.

"Saying You Practice Homeopathy for Everyone, is Like Saying You Practice Homeopathy for No One" 

The Best Business Advice I've Ever Received From My Own Business Coach.

Are you trying to appeal to everyone? Here's what I've learned:

Practitioners, healers + yogis who build and grow a specific niche focus are 90% more likely to create a successful business. 

In Business Skills for Healthy People, you'll learn *how* to find + connect with the exact people who are looking for YOU and your services.

Believe me. There are people out there, who *want* to pay you, for your products + services!

Have you ever had that impending sense of doom and doubt, just as you're about to launch something big? 

Did you graduate from school, filled with excitement, and then, suddenly begin to doubt your own skills and expertise? There's an actual name for this: The Imposter Syndrome!!

It's a real thing. Defined by a hesitation to recognize and internalize your own accomplishments.

The Best News. YOU can heal this. 

I believe that we all have a money story to heal before we can building a thriving business.

I believe that our ability to create financial health + financial wealth, is directly related to our sense of worthiness about receiving. 


    Are you ready to create a thriving yoga or wellness business, and to have a global network of students + clients flocking to your classes, workshops, and retreats?

    Business Skills for Healthy People will teach you:

    • The exact strategy that I learned to refine my expertise, education + experience to create a thriving business, while travelling the world. 


    • The most popular yoga + holistic health skills that your market is hiring for. 


    • How to brand and market your unique skills to catch the attention of studios, retreats, holistic health practitioners, clients + healing centres, around the globe. 


    Start YOUR Thriving Business in just SIX weeks.

    Already have a Business? 

    Get Ready to Expand, Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

    You'll Learn:

    How to examine your money story, your history with money + any subconscious barriers that are holding you back from creating financial abundance.

    How to create a financial blueprint for your business.

    How to define + find your own unique niche market of clients who *want* to pay you, for your services. 

    How to define the burning pains that keep your clients awake at night. 

    How to create EPIC Solutions to your your clients biggest problems. 

    How to create your first piece of professional copy, for publishing in an on-line forum that markets to your exact clients. 

    How to create + build an online course or an in-person service offering.

    How to price products + services to meet your desired annual income goals.

    How to empower yourself, and to speak clearly, confidently+ with ease, about your business.


    Business Skills for Healthy People is *Packed* with Goodness. 

    • FOUR video modules. 
    • Each video is 20 minutes in length + is designed to be completed in 1-2 weeks. 
    • 16 accompanying interactive, written PDF modules.  

    What's Included in the Course?

    Video One:Your Money story.

    Your Money Mindset: How to heal your money story. How to eliminate barriers + obstacles holding you back from creating your dream level of financial health + financial wealth. 

    How to get real about your concept of self-love + worthiness. We'll dive deeply into the connection between worthiness + your ability to receive in business. 

    How to build a detailed financial blueprint for your yoga or alternative medicine practice. 


    Module One: Your Money Mindset.

    Module Two: Creating a Financial Blueprint.

    Bonus Module: My Thoughts on Sliding Scale Payments. 


    Video TWO: Finding your Unique Niche.

    How to get clear on your own unique skills, expertise + experience, to Find YOUR Niche Market of Ideal Clients. 

    How to Explore the Potential Price Points (High or Low) + Potential Client Base (Large or Small) of Your Potential Business Ideas. 

    How to Choose a Business Focus with a Large Client Base + a Potentially High Price Point. 

    I'll Share: The Exact Email + Phone scripts that I Use to Contact Other Practitioners in My Unique Field. 


    Module Three: Your Clarity Session. Your Skills, Expertise + Experience. 

    Module Four: Finding Your Sweet Spot Part A. Email + Phone Scripts, and a Detailed Exploration of Google Trends. 

    Module Five: Finding Your Sweet Spot Part B. How to Break Business Ideas into 4 Categories, Based on Size of Client Base + Earning Potential. Strategies for Choosing the Most Profitable + Fulfilling Ideas. 


    Video THree:Getting Inside the Minds of Your Clients.

    Defining the burning pains that keep your clients up at night. Getting clear on their biggest pain points. 

    Learning about the Hopes + Dreams of Your Clients, and Any Fears, Obstacles or Barriers Preventing Them from Reaching Their Healing Goals.

    How to Create Tangible + Immediate Solutions to Your Clients Biggest Pain Points. 

    How to Find the Online Forums +Local Hotspots Where Your Ideal Clients are Hanging Out. 

    How to Write a Piece of Copy for Publishing on an Online Forum, for Your Exact Clients. 


    Module Six: Getting Inside the Minds of Your Ideal Clients. 

    Module Seven: Creating EPIC Solutions.

    Module Eight: Finding Your Clients. 

    Module Nine: Creating a Piece of Published Copy. 

    Bonus PDF: Copy of Email Scripts that I've Used to Get Published on an Online Forum with 200,000 Monthly Readers. 


    Video Four: Building Your Product or service.

    How to Create a Five-Year Plan of Products + Services to Match Your Desired Annual Income Goals.

    How to Create Products + Services that Have High Value to a Large Base of Clients.

    How to Build a Profitable Pricing Strategy for Products + Services. 

    Building a Successful Online Product or In-Person Service for Your Specific Market of Clients. 


    Module Ten: Product + Service Brainstorm with Pricing Strategies. 

    Module Eleven: Client Perspective + Product Perception. How to Increase Value + Alleviate Barriers for Prospective Clients. 

    Module Twelve: Creating YOUR Product or Service! 

    Bonus: How to Conduct a Discovery Call.

    Bonus: The Basics of Branding.

    Bonus: Building a Website Sales Page.

    Bonus: Productivity Tools. 


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