Find My Paying Clients: One-On-One

Find My Paying Clients: One-On-One

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One 60 minute consultation to get clear on WHO your paying clients are, WHERE you can find them, and HOW you can offer products and services that they WANT to pay you for.


"Find Your Paying Clients" Business Building Template

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Yogis: Does this Sound Familiar?

“I’m a yoga instructor, specializing in yin yoga, vinyasa flow, prenatal yoga, and hatha flow”

Alternative Medicine Peeps: How About This?

“I’m a naturopath, specializing in digestive health, reproductive health, sports medicine injuries, and anxiety”

Other experts are taught about the importance of finding a speciality.

But, somehow most yogis and wellness entrepreneurs are released into the world, with beautifully well-intentioned (but, insanely naive) notions that we can be experts in everything from healing lower back pain, to alleviating depression in new mothers, to optimizing digestion in seniors.

How about this, instead? 

“I’m a yoga teacher, who’s created a 12-posture sequence to alleviate insomnia in shift workers.” 


“I’m a naturopath, specializing in reproductive health protocols for women who have been trying for more than a year to get pregnant."


I promise you. Your phone will be ringing off the hook.

Introducing the Infinite Oceans "Help Me Find My Paying Clients"  

Find Out Why Target Your Business to Everyone is Actually Signing a Death Warrant on Your Business (And, Why You Need to Find Your Clearly Defined Speciality). 

One-On-one includes:

One 60 minute consultation + a "Find Your Paying Clients" PDF.