Business FIX for Health + Fitness Pros

Business FIX for Health + Fitness Pros

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FIX Your Business. Designed for Busy Health + Fitness Pros to Make More Money in Less Time, so You Can Keeping Launching Your Purpose Out Into the World.


  1. THE FIRST DATE - A TWO-HOUR meeting to breakdown your business: Where you’re losing money, how you can re-structure your prices, leverage your social media following, create engaging headlines and taglines, and get clear on where you ARE vs. where you WANT TO BE.

  2. THE PROPOSAL - A COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION of your business. You’ll get a list of the top ten priorities you can implement to drive sales and profits, with soul, ethics, and finesse.

  3. WE IMPLEMENT - You get SIX HOURS OF MY TIME - to write new headlines and taglines, write a sales page that sells, grow your social media following, re-structure your pricing strategies, refine your ideal clients, build your Squarespace website, design an online product or service.

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