12 Week Individual Coaching

12 Week Individual Coaching


first appointment: 3 hours.

following appointments: 1 hour each. 

includes one email per week. 

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our line-up: 12 week individual business coaching 

Stuck in determining your niche market of clients? Confused about how to brand your services? Just finished training or school in yoga, fitness or alternative health? Don't know where to begin? 

This 12 week coaching option is perfect for you, if: 

  • You're READY to delve DEEPLY into creating a FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL & SUSTAINABLE business that you LOVE!! 
  • You're DETERMINED & ready to COMMIT to building from the ground on up --- from specifying your NICHE MARKET, to verifying your IDEAL CLIENTS, to writing PROFESSIONAL COPY, to building an EMAIL LIST, to creating your first VIDEO, AUDIO OR WRITTEN PRODUCT, and to creating a SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING STRATEGY. 

Includes an initial 2-3 hour introductory call & 11 calls that are 60 minutes in length.