10 Week Group Coaching

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10 week group coaching package.png
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10 Week Group Coaching


Includes: 9 weeks of group coaching AND one individual coaching session! 

each session: one hour in length. 

includes one email per week. 

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our line-up: 10 week GROUP business coaching 

stuck in determining your niche market of clients? confused about how to brand your services? just finished training or school in yoga, fitness or alternative health? don't know where to begin? 

This ten week coaching option is perfect for YOU, if:

you thrive on COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY SUPPORT! I LOVE group coaching! This a unique experience to learn & grow with a group of forward thinking entrepreneurs, who are also working passionately to build a business from the ground on up. 

Here's what you can expect after ten weeks of GROUP business coaching:

  • To be CLEAR on your NICHE MARKET of clients.
  • To understand WHY it's important to choose a SPECIFIC NICHE MARKET.
  • To have verified through rigorous testing that your market is SUSTAINABLE & ABUNDANT. 
  • To have a FINANICAL PLAN for your business. To learn how to build products that supports your plan. 
  • To have practice SUCCINCTLY & CONFIDENTLY describing your business, out LOUD! 
  • To find YOUR sweet spot: videos, audio, written words: to know HOW you connect best.
  • To have planned & built (or be in the process of building) your first PRODUCT.
  • To have written your first piece of COPY for publishing to your IDEAL AUDIENCE.
  • To have become familiar with your person barriers to BUSINESS SUCCESS. 
  • To have started a growing EMAIL LIST of clients, supporters & colleagues. 
  • To have a confirmed DOMAIN NAME & WEBSITE platform.
  • To have a strategy for building your UNIQUE BRAND.