Online Video Tutorials

For entrepreneurial self-starters.

For busy 9-5'ers who like to work on their own time. 

For aspiring health & fitness pros who are determined to get a head-start on building a profitable business. 

* not a lover of self-guided work? video tutorials, PDF modules and business building templates are included in all one-on-one coaching packages. 

Here's the Online Tutorial Overview:

Tutorials are strategically structured to take you through the steps of business creation, from the ground on up.

We create a winning mindset, uncover your strengths, define your business focus, find your paying clients, and build products and services with a profit-driven pay structure.  

Video One: Your Money Story.

Your Money Mindset: How to heal your money story. How to eliminate barriers + obstacles holding you back from creating your dream level of financial health + financial wealth. 

How to get real about your concept of self-love + worthiness. We'll dive deeply into the connection between worthiness + your ability to receive in business. 

How to build a detailed financial blueprint for your yoga or alternative medicine practice. 


Module One: Your Money Mindset.

Module Two: Creating a Financial Blueprint.

Bonus Module: My Thoughts on Sliding Scale Payments. 


Video Two: Finding Your Paying Clients.

How to get clear on your own unique skills, expertise + experience, to Find YOUR Niche Market of Ideal Clients. 

How to Explore the Potential Price Points (High or Low) + Potential Client Base (Large or Small) of Your Potential Business Ideas. 

How to Choose a Business Focus with a Large Client Base + a Potentially High Price Point. 

I'll Share: The Exact Email + Phone scripts that I Use to Contact Other Practitioners in My Unique Field. 


Module Three: Your Clarity Session. Your Skills, Expertise + Experience. 

Module Four: Finding Your Sweet Spot Part A. Email + Phone Scripts, and a Detailed Exploration of Google Trends. 

Module Five: Finding Your Sweet Spot Part B. How to Break Business Ideas into 4 Categories, Based on Size of Client Base + Earning Potential. Strategies for Choosing the Most Profitable + Fulfilling Ideas. 


Video Three: Getting Inside the Minds of Your Clients.

Defining the burning pains that keep your clients up at night. Getting clear on their biggest pain points. 

Learning about the Hopes + Dreams of Your Clients, and Any Fears, Obstacles or Barriers Preventing Them from Reaching Their Healing Goals.

How to Create Tangible + Immediate Solutions to Your Clients Biggest Pain Points. 

How to Find the Online Forums +Local Hotspots Where Your Ideal Clients are Hanging Out. 

How to Write a Piece of Copy for Publishing on an Online Forum, for Your Exact Clients. 


Module Six: Getting Inside the Minds of Your Ideal Clients. 

Module Seven: Creating EPIC Solutions.

Module Eight: Finding Your Clients. 

Module Nine: Creating a Piece of Published Copy. 

Bonus PDF: Copy of Email Scripts that I've Used to Get Published on an Online Forum with 200,000 Monthly Readers. 

Video Four: Building Your Product or service.

How to Create a Five-Year Plan of Products + Services to Match Your Desired Annual Income Goals.

How to Create Products + Services that Have High Value to a Large Base of Clients.

How to Build a Profitable Pricing Strategy for Products + Services. 

Building a Successful Online Product or In-Person Service for Your Specific Market of Clients. 


Module Ten: Product + Service Brainstorm with Pricing Strategies. 

Module Eleven: Client Perspective + Product Perception. How to Increase Value + Alleviate Barriers for Prospective Clients. 

Module Twelve: Creating YOUR Product or Service! 

Bonus: How to Conduct a Discovery Call.

Bonus: The Basics of Branding.

Bonus: Building a Website Sales Page.

Bonus: Productivity Tools.