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A training for yoga instructors, therapists, trainers or advanced practitioners to learn how and when to incorporate conscious breathing techniques into classes, trainings and therapy sessions.

With deliberate awareness of the physiological benefits of conscious breathing, we can guide students and clients to maintain a healthy oxygen & carbon dioxide balance in the body, which impacts anxiety levels, stress levels, endurance, experience of chronic pain, and response to trauma triggers.

In some cases, seated meditation and breath practices, can unknowingly re-trigger trauma in individuals who have post-traumatic stress disorder, and as such, it is vital to know how and when to mindfully instruct breathing and meditation techniques.

By the end of this 6-hour training, you will have learned:

  • Seven conscious breathing practices to incorporate into classes + training sessions.

  • How conscious breathing and mindfulness has been shown to decrease the daily experience of anxiety and depression for clients and students.

  • How to instruct mindfulness and breath practices, with trauma-informed wording, to avoid re-triggering of trauma or post-traumatic stress.

  • How to guide clients through traumatic flashbacks or panic that can arise during mindful therapy, meditation or yoga practices.

  • The importance of developing a self-practice of journalling, breath work, mindfulness and self-love.

  • How to train clients to breathe through anxiety-provoking medical tests, exams and grief-inducing situations.

  • The physiological, mental & emotional benefits and side-effects of each breathing technique.

  • When to incorporate each conscious breathing technique - and which breath practice to chose, to start or end a therapy session or yoga class.

  • Which breathing practices enhance flowing movement, standing postures, seated meditations, and supported laying-down, restorative body positions.

  • How to offer clients and students a simple, but, effective breathing and mindfulness practice, to take home from your class or office.

  • How to speak about mindfulness, meditation, yoga and breath work, in a culturally-inclusive and conscious way.


  • A journal & a pen for reflection and journalling

  • Paper & pens for notes

  • Water

  • Snacks

  • * Please wear comfortable clothes for movement and seated breath work

  • * We will have a 60 minute lunch break - please bring lunch or snacks, or, plenty of restaurants close by!



  • Saturday, May, 11th, 2019

  • 10:30 - 5:30 pm.


  • 44 Queen St S, Kitchener, ON N2G 1V6


Carla Beharry

Carla Beharry is a writer, a speaker, a business empowerment mentor, and the founder of the WOKE Women’s Movement and the Stories of Resilience + Challenge in WOKE Women Speaking Events.

As a Guyanese-British-Canadian, her work involves creating events, workshops, classes, and retreats for diverse wellness entrepreneurs in both Canada and the Caribbean.

Carla is a strong advocate of cultural and racial justice, and aims to create events and classes, and mentorship opportunities that are welcoming and inclusive.

As a yoga and meditation instructor, and a business empowerment consultant, Carla focuses on the importance of helping women to reframe and re-claim their stories and experience, and has created a 16-week coaching program for women to find the intersection of their identity, stories, and expertise, and to use this knowledge to transition into entrepreneurship with purpose and a success-driven plan.

Carla frequently shares her stories at her WOKE Women Events and workshops, and spends her time working and living between Toronto and the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Saint Lucia, and Belize).