yoga experts, fitness pros, naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, mindfulness teachers, meditation instructors, acupuncturists, tcm specialists, massage therapists, osteopaths, wellness coaches + chiropractors!


Are You:


Stuck in determining your niche market of clients?

Confused about how to brand your services to stand out from the crowds?

Frustrated because you have years of education, but, still struggling to make a living? 

Discouraged by a lack of clients? 

Overwhelmed in balancing your practice with marketing + advertising?

Don't know how to create a distinct social media plan?

Unsure how to combine financial success with an ethical, compassionate + thoughtful business strategy?



I get it. you are a well-educated, super technical, ultra-excited, beyond-motivated health professional. 

You teach people to move their bodies. You're an anatomy nerd. A botanical medicine wizard. You're all about the alignment of the spine. You know that chi (qi) is essential to vitality. 

There's only one problem. 

All this education. Hours of studying. You've finally found a career you believe in. 

but, you have no idea how to run a business.

yogis! have you said this before?:

 "I specialize in teaching yin yoga & vinyasa yoga and roll & release, and yoga for girls empowerment, and prenatal yoga" 

alternative health experts, is this you?

 "I specialize in hormonal health and digestive health and sports medicine and reproductive health"

We're ALL really smart. But, NONE of us can truly be experts in ALL of these fields!! 

While we want to look like experts, all we're really doing is confusing our clients.

I used to list the 450 ailments that could be cured with homeopathy (cause it's true! ) -- but, do you know what that got me?  Confusion. Blank stares. Onto a new site. 

THIS is why I created the insight business coaching academy. 

We, as a collective group of health + fitness experts have huge gifts to share with the world. Unfortunately in most education systems, we are taught little-to-no business training -- and yet, we graduate, and are expected to run a full-on business. 


I have a mission:

To SUPPORT AS MANY skilled + educated yoga, fitness and health experts IN GETTING out into the world to share your knowledge.

there's only one way this can happen: 

you need to be making a financially abundant living. 

you need a dedicated business plan.

you need to brand your powerhouse skills, so your ideal clients know exactly what you're offering. 


 after insight business coaching you will have:

devised a financial plan for your business.

built products & services that support your plan.

a clear sense of why you need a specific niche market of clients.

explored your sweet branding spot: videos, audio, written words.

connected with your market deeply & authentically.

clarity about where your clients are looking for you.

a sharp focus & will be a super expert in one area.

created a piece of copy, ready for publishing, to impress your clients. 

sign-up here for one-on-one individual business coaching intensives: 

business coaching by design 

Now offering 6, 12 + 16 week packages.




group business coaching

join our mastermind collective of *amazing* yoga, health + fitness experts. 

learn + grow together. 

10 weeks of intensive business coaching in a supportive + uplifting environment.

coming in 2017.

here's what you'll focus on, in insight business coaching: 

  • How to create SPECIFIC financial goals, and how to price your products & services to meet your goals. 
  • WHO your people are! Find your ideal audience. How do you find them? How do they find you?
  • How and when to create a NICHE market of clients. 
  • How to determine if your niche will sustain & grow a financially bountiful career! 
  • How to communicate your message to clients with conviction & confidence. 
  • HOW to write your first piece of professional copy for publishing. 
  • PRICE POINT PSYCHOLOGY.  How to create a financial action PLAN for products, services & offerings. 
  • Audio, written, or video? Which medium emphasizes & amplifies YOUR expertise? 
  • How to build an ever-expanding email list of high-quality clients.
  • Why it's important to create a brand that accentuates your CREDIBILITY & consistency. 
  • How to create a website that accurately represents your BRAND & speaks directly to your people!
  • A STRATEGY for the future growth & expansion of your business. 

special bonus!

Register for the 10-week group program before June 1st, 2017 + get a *free* 60 minute individual business consultation session

sign-up now for our insight academy group business program, starting in 2017!

Insight business coaching follows a well-researched, meticulously fine-tuned system of strategies + benchmarks for building a successful business. 

Every session is designed to match your unique business situation. 

We follow practices that if implemented with precise determination will create big shifts in your business. 

We don't jump into logos or branding, before determining your ideal client. 

We'll work together to test and retest, verify and confirm, your chosen market, before you funnel tons of money into web design or marketing!!

We'll dive right in, together, with a   2-3 hour initial call to determine an action-oriented plan for you to accomplish your business coaching goals. 

(*) Wherever you are in the world, all coaching calls will take place over Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or WhatsApp Video 


6 week coaching intensive.


perfect for you, if:

you're in the beginning stages of starting your business

you've already started your brand, and just need a few small shifts! 

you're excited to explore your niche market + to verify your ideal clients.

you have a desire to write professional copy, to build an email list, and write newsletters.

you're stoked to create your first video, audio or written product.

includes an initial 2-3 hour introductory call + 5 calls that are 60 minutes in length.


12 week coaching intensive

perfect for you, if:

you're ready to delve deeply into creating a financially successful and sustainable business that you love.  

you're excited to explore your niche market + to verify your ideal clients.

you have a desire to write professional copy, to build an email list, and write newsletters.

you're stoked to create your first video, audio or written product.

you're into creating a social media + marketing strategy. 

Includes an initial 2-3 hour introductory call & 11 calls that are 60 minutes in length. 


16 week coaching intensive

perfect for you, if:

you're ready to build your business from the ground on up, AND, are super excited to delve into marketing, branding, website building + developing a social media plan.

you're excited to explore your niche market + to verify your ideal clients.

you have a desire to write professional copy, to build an email list, and write newsletters.

you're stoked to create your first video, audio or written product.

 you're into creating a social media + marketing strategy. 

you're ready to dedicate the time, money + energy to launch your brand, with a financial + marketing plan.

Includes an initial 2-3 hour introductory call & 15 calls that are 60 minutes in length. 


10 week group mastermind

perfect for you, if:


I LOVE group coaching! This a unique experience to learn + grow with a group of forward thinking entrepreneurs, who are also working passionately to build a business from the ground on up. 

Here's what you can expect after ten weeks of GROUP business coaching:

  • To be CLEAR on your NICHE MARKET of clients.
  • To understand WHY it's important to choose a SPECIFIC NICHE MARKET.
  • To have verified through rigorous testing that your market is SUSTAINABLE & ABUNDANT. 
  • To have a FINANICAL PLAN for your business. To learn how to build products that supports your plan. 
  • To have practice SUCCINCTLY & CONFIDENTLY describing your business, out LOUD! 
  • To find YOUR sweet spot: videos, audio, written words: to know HOW you connect best.
  • To have planned & built (or be in the process of building) your first PRODUCT.
  • To have written your first piece of COPY for publishing to your IDEAL AUDIENCE.
  • To have become familiar with your person barriers to BUSINESS SUCCESS. 
  • To have started a growing EMAIL LIST of clients, supporters & colleagues. 
  • To have a confirmed DOMAIN NAME & WEBSITE platform.
  • To have a strategy for building your UNIQUE BRAND. 

Includes 9 weeks of group coaching & 1 individual coaching session!

Each meeting is 60 minutes in length.