welcome to infinite oceans business coaching!

Are you an ethical, heart-centered, educated and knowledgeable yoga or alternative health expert, struggling to make an abundant living?

What's the deal? Too many alternative health education degrees don't include the massive expanse of business knowledge required to create a sustainable and financially successful business. 

You don't have to sell your soul to make a living. No more giving your services away for free. 

Join our awareness-nation: The more people we can train to move through the world with awareness, the better.  

One thing I know for sure: The world needs YOU. Not just people "like you" -- but, YOU, specifically. We need more revolutionaries, visionaries, insight warriors, truth-seekers.

We need people who are devoted to building wellness empires, with a mission to impact communities around the globe. 

Are you ready to join the alternative medicine + yoga professionals who are already immersed in a life of expansive financial success, from truly living their purpose? The ones who are fulfilling their spiritual calling and working from a place of so much heart + so much commitment, that people are naturally drawn to their work?

That's in you too. You have an opportunity to live with freedom and with pure satisfaction, every.single.day. I know it's possible.

I'm here to be your biggest fan, your honest thought-provoker, your collaborative business co-conspirator. Let's do this. xo 










insight mini

Business Building for Inspired Creators.

Insight Mini. 

I'll be your partner in crime. I'll be by your side for six inspired weeks of motivated business creation. 

This six week start-up is perfect for you, if you're in the beginning stages of starting your business or you've already created your brand, and just need a few small shifts! You're excited to explore your niche market + to verify your ideal clients. You have a desire to write professional copy, to build an email list, and write newsletters. You're stoked to create your first video, audio or written product.

includes an initial 2-3 hour introductory call + 5 calls that are 60 minutes in length.











insight mastery

For Highly-Motivated Boutique Business Starters.

Insight Mastery.

If you're ready to build an artisan-style, highly sought-after boutique business that'll have clients knocking down your door, then  I'm here to help you turn up the fire + fine-tune your offerings. 

The Mastery Intensive is perfect for you, if you're ready to delve deeply into creating a financially successful and sustainable business that you love!!  

We'll get laser focused on finding your ideal clients, building your products, and creating an irresistible social media + marketing strategy. 

includes an initial 2-3 hour introductory call + 11 calls that are 60 minutes in length. 










Insight Gold

For Ambitious + Fearless Entrepreneurs 

Insight Gold.

I'm a strong believer in the idea that if you invest in gold, you get gold back. I'll support you for four months of life-shifting, financially-freeing, heart-opening, strategy-building, business creation. 

This platinum offering is perfect for you, if you're ready to dedicate the time, money and committed dedication to launch your brand, with a highly strategic financial + marketing plan.

includes an initial 2-3 hour introductory call + 15 calls that are 60 minutes in length. 



New Yoga Teacher? Recent Alternative Medicine Graduate?

Are you a recent alternative medicine grad? Just finished your yoga teacher training? Feeling like it's a scary and daunting task to start your own business? Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

I'm launching a summer special for new alternative medicine + yoga graduates:

Four Weeks to FLY! 

This is a mini business-start-up intensive, designed to support you in learning and implementing the first steps of building your business from the ground on up! 

What will you learn? This isn't about theory. We'll have you taking ACTION to build your business, from the first moment we speak. 

    I'm offering you an amazing summer incentive, to have your business rocking by September (if not sooner). 

    Four Weeks to FLY is open to:

    • Anyone has graduated in the past 5 years from an accredited program in alternative medicine: Naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, shiatsu therapists, TCM practitioners, MBSR mindfulness teachers, holistic counsellors, wellness coaches, functional medicine coaches. Did I miss anyone? If your profession is not in this list, send me a note and we'll chat. 
    • Yoga Instructors, with a minimum of a 200 hour YTT, completed within the past 5 years. 
    • Meditation Instructors, Mindfulness Teachers. 










    Four Weeks to FLY!

    (Enrolment Closed. Join the Wait List!)

    How to Make Your First $1000 as a NEW yoga teacher or alternative medicine entrepreneur.

    By the time you finish this four week series, you will have: 

    • A solid understanding of your specialty niche market of clients: WHO they are. WHERE you find them. HOW you communicate with them. 
    • A strong social media marketing plan: How to word your social media bios, how to work with hashtags to amplify your business reach, How to start branding your services. 
    • A tenacious sense of your Money Mindset: How to remove barriers blocking financial success. HOW to price your products + services for your ideal niche market of clients.