Yoga teachers, fitness pros, naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, wellness coaches, and meditation instructors:

Are you:

Stuck in determining your niche market of clients?

Confused about how to brand your services to stand out?

Struggling to make a living with years of education?

Overwhelmed in balancing your practice with social media marketing?

Discouraged by a lack of clients?


welcome to infinite oceans business coaching!

Are you an ethical, heart-centered, educated and knowledgeable yoga or alternative health expert, struggling to make an abundant living?

What's the deal? Too many alternative health education degrees don't include the massive expanse of business knowledge required to create a sustainable and financially successful business. 

Here's the truth: This world, today, needs your skills.

You already have insight and compassion. You have the yoga, fitness and whole health knowledge. 

You don't have to sell your soul to make a living. No more giving your services away for free. 

Join our awareness-nation: The more people we can train to move through the world with awareness, the better. 


My Mission:

To help you build a sustainable and financially abundant business, while staying in alignment with the values of generosity, kindness, compassion, and awareness. 


Travel and work from abroad.

Create a thriving business. 

Find your niche market.

Becoming a branding expert. 

Join our community.

We'd love to have you.  


Move from zero-sales months to selling what clients want to buy.

Filled with meticulously crafted strategies to create big shifts in your business. 

No more giving your services away for free. 

Your clients are looking for you, and are ready to pay you, for your expertise. 

Create the life you've imagine. Live from anywhere in the world. Become a global entrepreneur.

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the capacity to gain an accurate & intuitive deep understanding of oneself & one’s experience, leading to wisdom & compassion.