Top Coworking Spaces in Bali, Indonesia, in 2018.

6am. Wake-Up. Birds, crickets, monkeys, frogs, geckos, the occasional cockroach. 

Bamboo brooms sweeping the seemingly spotless ground. Incense burning. 

Bali is in full swing with the rising of the sun.


Coworking in Bali: 

The Top 3 Reasons Why Every Digital Nomad Needs to put Bali on Their Bucket List:

  Not Shown: The Macbook in my Hand. I'm Seriously Doing Work with this View. 

  Not Shown: The Macbook in my Hand. I'm Seriously Doing Work with this View. 



Work, Yoga, Surf, Motorbike, Beach, Repeat. 

If you’re really serious about focusing on your entrepreneurial endeavours, days in Bali don’t start with sightseeing.  

They'll more likely involve a morning surf at one of Bali’s epic beaches, or an invigorating sunrise yoga class. Or, perhaps a freedom-seeking motorbike tour through the endless green of the rice paddies. Just enough salt water and fresh air to prime yourself for a full day of work. 

The beaches in Bali are epic.  As are the rice terraces, temples, and yoga studios.  Bali encourages balance. 

To be Balinese, means to take hours out of each day to pray, light incense, roam the beaches, or visit one of Bali's many temples.  

Doesn’t take long, as a travelling yogi or a wellness nomad to settle into this balanced lifestyle.

Turns out that Tim Ferris was right; the four hour work week really is a thing. "Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich" is happening, right now, every single day in Bali.  


Content Creators, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Copyrighters, SEO Experts, Yoga Instructors, Surfers, Videographers, Social Media Marketers. 

(Entrepreneurs are Everywhere!!)

I fell in love with co-working spaces in Bali. 

They seem to be a rapidly expanding global commodity, and it’s easy to see why. 

These coworking hubs (more dets on my fave spots below), are ALIVE!! 

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in “co-workers”.  If you could hand-pick every person you’d love to share an innovative, forward-thinking, mind-expanding space with, you’d definitely  find them at a co-working space in Bali.

The people who have taken it upon themselves to seek out co-working spaces are energized & excited.  

There is an indescribable buzz that fills the air.  An energy.  A movement. One can’t help but feel motivated and inspired by simply sharing present moment connections with like-minded people. 

People are here, because they WANT to be here.

This doesn’t mean that people aren’t struggling with their own challenges of productivity or creativity; but, rather than give in to the grind, or dragging oneself around complaining, there is an overwhelming environment of “let’s share our skills to figure this out”. 


Networking, Learning Opportunities & Higher Education.

When you walk through the doors of Bali's Coworking spaces, you'll see bulletin boards lined with posters for engaging workshops, presented by eager entrepreneurs.  

Within a week, I was lucky enough to attend workshops on maximizing my website's SEO, public speaking & story-telling for entrepreneurs, how to survive as a digital nomad, and women’s entrepreneurship.  I’m talking a Mecca of shareable skills and expertise!! 

Are you in a lifeless job? Feeling under-fulfilled, or trapped in an endless cycle of repetitive, draining, and mind-numbing routines?

If you’re a travelling yogi or an aspiring wellness nomad, can you imagine funnelling this wealth of expertise into your daily mindset? Imagine the power of surrounding yourself with people, every single day, who support your visions with enthusiasm. It's quite magical, actually. 

Within days of immersing myself in the Bali co-working scene, I was part of digital nomad FB groups, and was meeting other female entrepreneurs who were really excited about their lives!! A serious breath of fresh air. 

So, What is Coworking, Exactly?

Coworking spaces are innovative spaces designed for people who are dedicated to starting, shaping, creating and supporting a creative, mind-expanding, freedom-producing, entrepreneurial lifestyle. 

Envision a room filled with yoga teachers, surf photographers, IT consultants, virtual assistants, graphic designers, web developers, programmers, coders, SEO  experts, social media marketers, business coaches, food bloggers, and just about everyone in between. It’s a mastermind mash-up. 

Some people are working for companies and are committed to a 9-5 schedule, and others move in & out of the space, working their schedules around their chosen lifestyle accompaniments.


Best Coworking Spots in Bali:

Bali happens to be the home of some pretty hipster joints. In the best way possible.

Hubud, in the heart of Ubud, and Dojo, in the coastal community of Canggu were two of my main hangouts. Coworksurf, also located in Canggu is new to the Canggu coworking scene, but, these guys are seasoned pros in the world of coworking & coliving.

Hubud: Coworking in Ubud.

Hubud is for you, if: 

You’re a city gyal (or guy). 

You’d be totally up for working with monkeys and lush green rice paddies as your backdrop. 

You’d happily weave your way through funky cobblestone side streets & organic cafes to get to work. 

You love organic coffee. And, after-work massages. 

                       Need a Mid-day Break? This view is just minutes from Hubud. 

                       Need a Mid-day Break? This view is just minutes from Hubud. 

Hubud is an innovative HUB in the middle of Ubud. Located across from the infamous Monkey Forest, it’s no joke that you can look out the windows to see monkeys and lush rice paddies.

 Hubud has a fully bi-lingual, local Indonesian staff, who are amazingly helpful.  I managed to fry my keyboard after a week in Bali & was thrilled to learn that Hubud has a trustworthy Mac Doctor on site, every week. (Side Note: If you're having computer woes in Bali, Call Hubud! Stay away from the local "Apple" stores, and find the Mac Doctor!) 

The Hubud Vibe: Vibrant, bustling, warm,  ambitious people are constantly moving in and out of this space. A beautiful blend of modern and earthy.

I found my favourite seat in the back, beside the organic cafe, with an open-air view of the rice paddies. Serenely peaceful, and yet, up-lifting.  While there are thousands of funky, organic juice bars and cafes in Ubud, with free wifi, Hubud is the place to be if you’re looking to surround yourself with a seriously motivated, work-focused community. 

Dojo: Coworking in Canggu, Bali.

Dojo is for you, if:

You’re a hipster. (I'm not. But, I did get a tattoo in Bali, which almost qualifies me)

You’re a beach girl (or guy). 

Your ideal work-break is a surf-break. 

You’d happily ride a motorbike to work everyday. 

                       My Favourite Seat at Dojo. I was so in awe of this view!! 

                       My Favourite Seat at Dojo. I was so in awe of this view!! 


If Hubud is the urban yogi’s dream, then dojo is the nomadic wave-riders fantasy-land.

Located in Canggu, the newest hipster surf town on the west coast of Bali, Dojo is just minutes from Echo Beach, a vibrant surfing and sunset hang-out. 

While Canggu is known for its moped-riding, bikini-clad tourists, Dojo more than makes up for the Canggu party-vibe. Don’t get me wrong, Canggu has some epic beachfront lounges, yoga studios, martini-drinking rooftop patios — but, I’d head there, in low season to find a more mature and business-focused crowd.  

The Dojo Vibe:  Bright, open, white wood, beach-washed, salty-air, sandy floor, barefoot — and focused!

I launched my website from Dojo! I found my favourite seat in the back, overlooking the mini pool.  I loved pulling up to Dojo on my red scooter, computer on my back, headphones in my bag, and settling into a full day of work.

It was here that I met an innovative crew of “Bali Nomad Girls” (check out their private FB group, if you’re touring through, and looking for support on anything & everything!), and attended women’s entrepreneurship networking nights.  How cool to be sharing ideas with an international group of motivated female nomads!!

Dojo has a large and committed following, and you’ll likely find yourself vying for the best seat in the house with at least a hundred other daily coworkers. Most entrepreneurs here head out, at least once per day for a surf or a beach walk to rejuvenate.  As an aside, Dojo has put tons of effort into their amazing cafe & the cashew-milk espressos and organic smoothie bowls are a definite added bonus.


Cowork Surf: Coliving & Coworking in Canggu, Bali.

Coworksurf is for you, if:

You’re the perfect blend of SEO & Surf. 

Having Coworkers just isn’t enough. You’re craving to live with these intelligent minds, 24-7.

You’re into sharing everything — Mastermind sessions, morning coffees, ideas, cocktails, cooking, and everything in between. 

               My Cowork Surf Crew in Portugal. Check Out Their Bali Vibes!                                     Photo:

               My Cowork Surf Crew in Portugal. Check Out Their Bali Vibes!



Co-living.  It’s a whole new world.  If you think the concept of coworking is exciting, co-living is like jumping off a ridge in Kathmandu, and being caught by the confident hands of experts and innovators, who can carry you, simply with their motivation alone. 

Co-founders, Nick Mattia & Joe Sharp, are a British duo who split their time between Portugal & Bali. I spent two months living with these guys In Portugal — They keep following the sunshine, and have replicated their popular coliving space in Canggu Bali, in 2018. 

The vibe of Coworksurf is different than any coworking space I’ve come across. This doesn’t feel like a business. This feels like a family.  Somehow I was lucky enough to find myself a home, with a crew of SEO experts, web developers, videographers, yoga teachers and marketers.

The Coworksurf Vibe: Surfboards leaning against the wall.  Wetsuits hanging on the fence.  There’s a mash-up of MacBooks, cameras, speakers, drones and journals on the table. Coworksurf attracts everyone from yogis to surfers to freelancing videographers.  Centered around a shared workspace, you'll find a crew in creation-mode.  

Joe and Nick have a mission — to provide a space for innovators and entrepreneurs to work together, to share ideas and expertis, and to motivate each other to build a business, brand our skills and learn from each other.  When everyone is maxed out on the mental work — the crew jumps in a van and heads to the beach to surf. 

Coward Surf runs weekly Mastermind sessions.  If you’ve never been part of a Mastermind group — GO! Find a group of people, and make it happen.  

Here’s how it works: One facilitator opens the space, and guides a couple of short intro exercises. Could be as light as talking about what animal represents your current energy — or as serious as expressing your most significant entrepreneurial challenge. The goal is simply to start talking. To warm up your voice and your ideas. To create a connected and safe environment for sharing.

What are you working on? 

What’s going well? 

What’s going not-well? 

What do you currently need help on? 

Coworksurf is the perfect option for solopreneurs, looking for a supportive, innovative, on-the-road family. You won’t be spending lonely nights alone with these guys. Family dinners, surf breaks, brainstorming sessions and wifi round out your self-guided work days.


Looking for a place, a little more off the beaten path?

The Onion Collective  (Ubud)

The Onion Co. is the kitschy, cool, ultra-relaxed coworking spot in Ubud. Known for it’s awesome food (I arguably had one of the best meals here), and live DJ nights, The Onion Co. runs on a by-donation basis.  The coworking space is quite small, and may hold about ten people comfortably.

 The Onion workspace has a  welcoming grassroots vibe & is perfect for a quick, inexpensive, afternoon drop-in.  


Roam (Ubud)

Roam is an apartment-style co-living and coworking space in Penestanan,  a small village, filled with yogis and long-term travellers, on the outskirts of downtown Ubud. 

If the Onion Co. is for the free-flowing hippie crowd, Roam is the boutique style, higher-end coworking situation for those already-financially successful nomads.

Prices at Roam start at $500 USD/week for co-living and coworking (Versus paying $20/night at a local guesthouse, and buying a monthly pass at Hubud). The major benefit of Roam: Living amongst other motivated people, who can network and mastermind 24 hours per day!


The Outpost (Ubud)

The Outpost is a vibrant and active community. They run an organized space & offer a pretty compelling package of retreats, coding camps & individual co-working.  The Outpost has a co-living space as well, that sounds pretty epic, though, I didn’t get a chance to see it. 

Biggest Pro — They have indoor & outdoor work spaces, decks and jungle views — and an amazing cafe.  Biggest Challenge — Location. It’s actually perfect if you’re familiar with Ubud, and have a motorbike — it’s the perfect escape from the Monkey Forest and city centre. It’s a harder location to access if you’re new to Ubud, and not yet a confident scooter pro. My take — take a few scooter lessons & get out there! 


Machinery Cafe (Canggu)

I found these guys on Instagram. They call themselves, “Canggu’s Favourite Coworking Space & Cafe” — and, I’d say, they do a good job of living up to their words. I hopped on my motorbike, backpack on my back, to check them out.  A bright n’ friendly little spot, they’re a great choice for an avocado on toast (every digital nomad’s fave food choice), and a delicious coffee. Wifi is fast & reliable.

Last I was there, Machinery Cafe wasn’t charging daily rates or membership fees. It’s more of a cafe, with good wifi, kinda vibe, which makes it a good choice for days when you want a break away from the traditional “coworking” joints, while still maintaining some amount of productivity. 


Is 2018 Your Year for Coworking?

If you’re at home, dreaming about whether it’s possible to live & work abroad — I’m telling you that it IS.

Coworking spaces are surfacing ALL over the world — the coolest thing about people I’ve met in Bali’s ingenious coworking scene is that they’re building a growing movement to perpetuate freedom-based living.

Wanna hear more?

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Most Work Breaks in Bali Revolve Around the Ocean (For me, at Least). ;) 

Most Work Breaks in Bali Revolve Around the Ocean (For me, at Least). ;) 


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