The Top 5 Things I Wish I Knew, Before I Became an Entrepreneur


You know that sweet, wide-eyed look, when your first big, business idea comes to mind?

You're imagining the rewards at the end. You're picturing yourself running your own yoga studio or gym that clients are flocking to. You're running your high-tech functional movement practice, and you're booked solid, for months on end.

You're booking your Caribbean getaways, cause your business is so slammin' busy, that you need a weekend getaway.

Ya. the sweet life. Except. That you didn't realize that to get to the sweet life, that you had to hustle through five years of business-building life lessons that are enough to send you over the edge. 




It's the biggest mindset-malfunction that I think exists in every.single.entrepreneur.

Believe me. I've been there.

I was like, "ya, I'm just gonna graduate from this homeopathic medicine thing, and should be making 60-g's by next year" ;) lol. yep. drop a few zeros off that number -- I was lucky if I made 6-grand, in my first year of business.

It's hard AF to get a new business off the ground. It's also the most rewarding and self-inspiring endeavour.

But, not nearly enough people talk about the "in-between" time. 


My best advice. Don't quit all your jobs before you have your money-making plan in place. Yes. At some point, you have to take the risk - but, play the long game.

Here's what you gotta have a firm handle on, before you start:



Your Pricing Strategy:

Your desired annual income/monthly income/weekly income.

How do you need to price your services to meet this goal?

How many services do you need to sell, every hour/day/week/month to hit your goal?

Is it realistic?

If you’re thinking you’re gonna see 20 new clients per month, you gotta scale waaaay back. 20 clients will be possible. One day.

In month one, aim for one new, committed client per week/4 clients per month.


Your Clients:

Who are they? Where are they?

Have you done surveys and research?

Do you know them, literally as well as they know themselves?

Can you speak to their hopes, dreams, goals & their biggest problems (aka: the reason they’re gonna pay money to hire you)?

* This is one of my fave areas of business building! It's actually so fun, and so illuminating to get inside the minds of the people that you think you wanna work with. 

Years ago, I had an idea that I wanted to focus my homeopathic medicine practice on clients who were healing from cancer. I was ready to create nutrition programs, and homeopathic medicine protocols for clients going through chemo. It's a valiant choice -- but, I realized that it wasn't for me. I realized that I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. The complex and layered cases were beyond my scope of practice -- and, I realized that I had no idea about the emotional stress that clients and their families were coping with. I had a few intense emergency calls to client homes, with end-of-life patients ... and, while I honour those clients so much, I realized very quickly that I had no clear idea of the journey they were on. I couldn't speak to their fears and their barriers to healing. 

Check out my 16 page, free download below!! It's an in-depth worksheet to get clear on the pains and problems that your clients are experiencing. 

HINT: It's also an awesome exercise to make sure that you KNOW your intended market, inside, and out.


Do Your Headlines and Taglines Speak to Your Niche Market of Clients?

Do you really know your ideal clients?

Not just: "I do holistic medicine for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health" -- but, your REAL niche talent.

Like, "I offer functional movement and yoga therapy classes to help athletes heal from ACL injuries"



Your Website and Sales Page Copy:

How do you take the goals + problems your potential clients have expressed, and turn your business offerings into epic solutions to match? I

f potential clients read your words, do you think you’re talking straight to them?


Your Money Mindset:

Are you ready to tear down your worthiness barrier to receiving for the service that you're offering?

Are you holding any preconceived notions, from childhood, about money? 

Do you know how to make decisions about sliding-scale payment options?

What about when clients tell you that they can't afford your services? Do you know how to respond?


The more clear you are, about the hopes, fears, dreams, and goals of your clients, the more you can build your products and services to match the exact classes, workshops, courses, trainings, and appointments, that they're looking for.

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