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Mindful Business: The Buddhist Concept of Satya in Business

The more deeply you’re willing to explore yourself, your calling, and your true purpose in this world, the more equipped you are, to serve your students and clients in an emotional, spiritual, and straight-up practical sense. 

Satya, otherwise known as “truthfulness” in yoga philosophy encourages us to think, speak, and act with integrity. 

Clients want to know that you are a specific expert:

    Clients are humans who are dealing with a challenge, pain or trauma, that they need help with. If you claim to specialize in 5 different areas, you are watering down your expertise. In moments of pain, clients are not looking for a "jack of all trades, they're looking for an "expert" problem solver for their specific problem. 


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Mindful Business: Buddhist "Dana" & Sliding Scale Payments

As entrepreneurs, we need to remember that clients are paying us, not only for our immediate time, but, also for our expertise. Clients are paying for the years we’ve spent, honing our skills, for the thousands of dollars we’ve spent on education, courses, workshops, coaches, books, and materials. 

In essence, we need to embrace the mindset, that we are worthy of making an abundant income. 

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Three Practices that Healed My Heart after a Traumatic Injury

I remember the exact moment — six months ago — that my life changed: the flash of excruciating pain, the shock and disbelief. I remember gripping my leg, as my yoga-teaching career flashed before my eyes. A distracted driver had crushed my right foot.

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