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How to Find Your Niche Clients: DAY SIX!

The biggest barrier, for most struggling entrepreneurs is not articulating your services + products to your ideal niche clients, in the language they want to hear. 

Your most significant question to answer:


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How to Find Your Niche Clients: DAY THREE!

Here is where you determine three things: Whether each idea has: 

1) A large potential client base or a small potential client base.

2) A high price point or a low price point. 

3) Possible with current level of education and expertise?

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Insight Revolution Private Facebook Group is Here!!

I am starting this group to create a collective, community of supportive, like-minded yoga & alternative medicine entrepreneurs, to share advice, ask questions, share experiences & offer feedback about creating a thriving business. 

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Mindful Business: Buddhist "Dana" & Sliding Scale Payments

As entrepreneurs, we need to remember that clients are paying us, not only for our immediate time, but, also for our expertise. Clients are paying for the years we’ve spent, honing our skills, for the thousands of dollars we’ve spent on education, courses, workshops, coaches, books, and materials. 

In essence, we need to embrace the mindset, that we are worthy of making an abundant income. 

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