Insight Revolution Private Facebook Group is Here!!

Hi Everyone!!

Please find the link to the Insight Revolution Facebook Group Here:

My Insight Revolution private Facebook group is now open!!

If you're an entrepreneur (or an aspiring entrepreneur) in the world of yoga, meditation or alternative medicine, i'd love to have you!! 

I am starting this group to create a collective, community of supportive, like-minded people, to share advice, ask questions, share experiences & offer feedback about creating a thriving business. 

While many of us are taught about compassion and wisdom and the magical human body, much education in these careers is not focused on *how* to create a successful & abundant business after graduating.

Without this knowledge, it's hard to get your gifts, your offerings, your expertise, out into the world. It's tough to feel like you're fulfilling your life's purpose if you're burning yourself out, attempting to make a living. 

This is a closed group, so everything is confidential, within the group. For this reason, please click the link below & ask to join! 

I'd LOVE to have your wisdom here. 

Love Carla xo