How to Find Your Niche Clients: DAY ONE!

Hi Everyone! I'm starting a 10 day series on how to find your ideal niche clients!

 Tim Ferriss suggests that your ideal audience is simply a reflection of you -- and that If you want to truly identify & get inside the minds of your target audience, you have to authentically *know* them. You can only know them, as intricately as you know yourself.

For me, narrowing down my ideal client has been life-changing in my business. When I was practicing homeopathy, I remember one of my business coaches telling me: “Saying you do homeopathy for everyone, is like saying you do homeopathy for no one” ;) eek!

He was right. Trying to be too broad & connect with everyone is vague & inaccessible.

Start asking yourself these questions:

  • What specific education & knowledge have you acquired? 
  • What skills do you have, that come naturally to you? 
  • What do other people notice about you? Your talents, skills?
  • What life challenges have you overcome? 
  • Describe your biggest life lesson so far. 
  • What knowledge, energy, wisdom, do you carry forward, from this experience? 
  • What resources were the MOST beneficial to you, during your challenges? 
  • What resources would you have LOVED to have accessed, but, found they didn’t exist?

You are essentially defining yourself. Be specific.

Become CLEAR on the skills that you have to offer.

Become CLEAR on what you feel your purpose is, in this world. Why were you placed on this earth? What wisdom are you meant to impart upon others? You can act as a reflector for others to grow & learn -- but how?

Notice the difference in saying:

"I'm a homeopathic doctor, and can heal you on every mental, emotional & physical level"

VERSUS: "I'm a homeopathic doctor, specializing in treating anxiety in teen girls”

YES! The specialist will win, every time. Start to become really CLEAR on who your ideal clients are looking for.


Check back tomorrow for day two on finding your niche market!!

I'm doing a free webinar on finding your niche clients on Thursday, June 8th at 2pm, EST. Stay tuned!!

Post any questions or comments below!

xo Carla