How to Build a Successful Chiropractic Practice

My Top 6 Lessons from Ten Years in Business:

An Interview with chiropractor,

Dr. Michaela McClure


Last year, after my foot injury, I found Michaela. And, thank goodness I did. Her upbeat vibe, and endless words of encouragement played a massively important role in my healing. 

I'm always amazed by the continual stream of people entering Dr. Michaela's office. I asked her to share her business wisdom. She’s brilliant. Running retreats, workshops, and a busy chiropractic practice.

Here’s how she did it: 

Dr. Michaela McClure. Chiropractor & Founder of the Unstoppable YOU Retreat.

Dr. Michaela McClure. Chiropractor & Founder of the Unstoppable YOU Retreat.


Q: What do you wish you knew when you were starting your practice? What advice would you give to new chiropractors?

A: Ah, I've learned so much about running a business in the past ten years.

Here are my top six tips:

  1. Find a Mentor:

I was extremely blessed to meet my mentor in my last year of Chiropractic college. I worked with her as an associate for the first 4 years of my practice.  

This relationship was immeasurably significant when starting out in the real world.  I gained priceless hands-on advice & tips for running my practice, that I still carry with me.

If you don’t currently have a mentor, I recommend finding one, ASAP.  Approach them & ask how you can help them.

 When I started with my mentor, I volunteered around the office. It was an incredible learning opportunity and over time this became a working position.


  2. Find a Niche:  

Be really clear on the population you’re passionate about working with.  This can change and flow over the years, but, it’s key to have a specific focus. 

I started my practice, specializing in treating athletes and runners. 

I was personally involved in running, and this was key. 

Choose a niche speciality that you’re personally involved in!!

Consistency and long-term commitment have proven invaluable. I loved hanging out at my local running room and frequently did educational talks for the runners, instructed running clinics and trained personally for countless half marathons. 

I built a community and became a go to resource for runners with questions and advice. 

As time evolved, and I became a Mom, I focused on treating pregnancy and postpartum clients.  I continue to run educational talks and build programs for new mothers in my community.


  3. Establish a Professional Website with Your Personal Name + an Online Booking Calendar: 

Three years ago, was born and it has been a Game Changer! 

Establishing a website with my own name has been extremely important!  

A personalized website is a guaranteed place where people can find me, learn more about me and easily contact me. 

I moved office locations last year. My website allows previous patients to easily find me. 

Online booking is an amazing tool! Patients can conveniently book appointments anywhere and anytime of day. This cuts down on my time on the phone to book clients, and saves my time for the priority tasks (and people) in my life! 


4. Building a Busy & Profitable Practice Takes Time!

There is no quick solution. Building a vibrant & sustainable long-term practice, takes time. At the beginning, everyone has to hustle with advertising and marketing!! 

Building organically, through word of mouth and referrals is the most powerful way to build a practice.


  5. Commit to Continual Learning:

If you’re feeling bored or uninspired in your practice, get out there and learn!! 

Find a workshop or an online course.  Seek out learning opportunities to learn new skills. Be ever evolving ... And, have fun doing it! 


  6. Hire a Coach!! 

We don’t nearly enough business coaching in professional school. 

Throughout my life, I have had coaches for the various sports and this was not even questioned but expected. Your business shouldn’t be any different.  Working with someone who has been there or is ahead of you in their career can share their experience. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. 

I started working with a business coach three years ago. Learning to shift my mindset to bust through limiting beliefs has been eye opening. 

My coach has been inspiring and monthly check-ins have helped me take action and kept me accountable to my goals.  A coach has been key to taking my practice to the next level.

Side Note from Carla: This piece of wisdom blew me away!! I've always loved having coaches and mentors in my life. And, I love coaching others. But, I've never thought of the coaching experience in such a simple & common-sense way. We need these people in our lives!


Q: Describe your chiropractic practice in one word:

A: Rewarding.

Most definitely rewarding. I feel really lucky to work with clients every week. Everyone wants to feel happy and healthy, and I get to be part of that journey. 


Q: What Is One Key Mindset That You Need to Have to Be Successful in Practice? And, How Do You Define Success?

A: Biggest necessity: Have a deep desire to learn.

I’m always curious to uncover the root cause of pain & neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction for my patients. 

You can define success in terms of healing patients, and of course, financially. I love this part of my practice (exploring the root cause of pain) & it comes naturally to me.


Q: Any Key Pieces of Encouragement for New Chiropractors?

A: The first decade of practice is a whirlwind. There are many ups and downs.

Best advice I can give: Don’t have a single destination or finish line. There will be endless twists, turns & detours.

I can’t wait to build the next decade of my practice, on the solid foundation I’ve created. 

If you’re just starting out, wishing you endless success. There are many routes to get from where you are, to where you want to be. 

My Fave Tagline for 2018:

Be Unstoppable!!

Dr. Michaela




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 Highly recommended!!

xo Carla


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