How to Start a Successful Business after Yoga Teacher Training.

Are you a recent alternative medicine grad? Just finished your yoga teacher training? 

Feeling like it's a scary and daunting task to start your own business? 

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

I'm launching a summer special for new alternative medicine & yoga graduates:

Four Weeks to FLY! 

This is a mini business-start-up intensive, designed to support you in learning and implementing the first steps of building your business from the ground on up! 

What will you learn? This isn't about theory. We'll have you taking ACTION to build your business, from the first moment we speak. 

By the time you finish this four week series, you will have: 

  • A solid understanding of your specialty niche market of clients: WHO they are. WHERE you find them. HOW you communicate with them. 


  • A strong social media marketing plan: How to word your social media bios, how to work with hashtags to amplify your business reach, How to start branding your services. 


  • A tenacious sense of your Money Mindset: How to remove barriers blocking financial success. HOW to price your products + services for your ideal niche market of clients. 


Don't make the same mistakes I did, when I graduated from school in homeopathic medicine.

Like a deer in headlights, I floundered. I was so excited about my new career -- until I realized that I had ZERO idea how to start or run a business. I made *many* failed attempts at reaching out to anyone & everyone who I thought could be a potential client -- the whole time, missing the exact people I needed to reach. People were looking for ME, and in trying to connect with everyone, I missed the *right* ones. 

The idea of specializing my skills and reaching a specific niche market never crossed my mind. I was operating out of fear -- fully forgetting about the fact that I had just acquired this expansively amazing knowledge. 

After years of business coaching, I can safely assure you, that it doesn't have to be this way. 

I'm offering you an amazing summer incentive, to have your business rocking by September (if not sooner). 

Four Weeks to FLY is open to:

  • Anyone has graduated in the past 5 years from an accredited program in alternative medicine: Naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, shiatsu therapists, TCM practitioners, MBSR mindfulness teachers, holistic counsellors, wellness coaches, functional medicine coaches. Did I miss anyone? If your profession is not in this list, send me a note & we'll chat. 
  • Yoga Instructors, with a minimum of a 200 hour YTT, completed within the past 5 years. 
  • Meditation Instructors, Mindfulness Teachers. 


  1. DO I have to live in a certain province, country, or state? 
    • No! Four Weeks to FLY is a online coaching program! All calls will take place through Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. FWTF is internationally available. Open to anyone around the globe! 
  2. What if I've already had a business running for a few years, and just want to up level my business? 
    • Four Weeks to FLY is available to anyone who has graduated in the past 5 years. I totally understand the routine. Sometimes we think we know it all when we graduate (in a good way!) It's an exciting time -- until reality sets in. Often people don't even realize that they're struggling with business, until a few months or years have passed. It's often around the 2-year mark where people start to feel discouraged. So, yes, this program is open to you, too.
  3. If i'm entering the program, after a couple years in business, will the outline of the intensive be different? 
    • Yes. The intensive is unique for every person, depending on their individual needs. We'll set initial goals that we'd like to fulfill throughout the 4-week coaching intensive. 
  4. What if I need more than 4 weeks? 
    • Four Weeks to FLY is designed for new entrepreneurs to start their business from the ground on up. Building a business is a long process -- one that takes months of commitment and dedication. If you're interested in continuing coaching, after your 4-week intensive, you'll have the option to sign-up for another 4 week intensive at the same rate, or a 6 week, 12 week, or 16 week intensive, at a discounted rate. 
  5. How long are the weekly Skype sessions? 
    • The first session is a two hour session. Here, we'll set goals, and begin talking about your niche market. Session 2, 3 + 4 are 60 minutes in length. 
  6. Is there work to do, in between sessions? 
    • YES! Each week will involve answering in-depth questions, during your time, between sessions. You can anticipate going full-on, into starting your amazing business.
  7. What is the time commitment?
    • Four Weeks to FLY is open to people who are excited and READY to commit to their business!! Starting and building a business requires intense concentration, dedication, and focus. While i'm here, to support you, every step of the way, you need to be ready to commit as many hours as possible during the 4-week intensive. The more hours your commit, the faster and more efficiently you'll grow! 

For a limited time, I'm offering Four Weeks to FLY for a super sweet investment. of $299 + HST. 

Seriously. This is an outstanding offer. My regular six week coaching session costs $977. That's $163 per session. 

Four Weeks to FLY is a total, one-time price of $299 + HST. That equals $75 per session. That's less than 50% of my regular business coaching offers. 

WHY am I offering FWTF at such a discounted rate? 

Because I know what it's like to start a business. I know how it feels to graduate, after paying a million dollars in tuition, only to realize that you need more training. I know what it's like to be running around like a mad-person, working 3 jobs, to get your career off the ground. 

FWTF is being offered for a limited time, for a one-time payment of $299 + HST. 

Thats it. Total. 

I want FWTF to feel like an encouraging support. We need more graduates like you, out in the world. 

(*) I currently have room to accept 4 clients per month into FWTF. 

Q: What if I still have more questions? 

A: Email me. I'd love to hear from you. I'm here to answer all of your questions. All potential FWTF clients are welcome to a FREE 20 minute discovery call, to get all of your questions answered.

Much LOVE. I look forward to hearing from you soon.