How to Find Your Niche Clients: DAY TWO!

Hi All! Carrying on from yesterday! 

(If you missed DAY ONE of this series on Finding Your People, check it out here, before you read on:

This is where your real creativity can shine! As Ramit Sethi says, this is the “IDEA MAPPING” phase of creation. 

Review all of the questions that you answered yesterday about your skills, expertise & life purpose. These are hugely important questions, but, don't get caught up in them. They *will* change over time. It's more important to get started. Go with your instincts. 

Now, create a list of ALL potential business ideas that could be born out of your skills, expertise, education, challenges and life purpose, as listed above. 

Create this list, with complete freedom. This is an important brainstorming step, so don’t hold back!! Don’t restrict yourself. 

Write EVERYTHING, regardless of your pre-formed thoughts about financial viability.

Even if it seems crazy right now, or completely inaccessible, keep your ideas flowing!! This is YOUR brainstorming session. No holding back. 

Do you want to work as a digital nomad, creating websites for yogis in Bali? It’s possible! Do you want to be a nutritionist for pregnant women in Toronto? Do you want to offer acupuncture to ease the side effects of anti-viral meds for HIV drugs in San Francisco? YOU can do anything you want. 

Your goal here is to find your sweet spot - the intersection of your skills, education, and purpose. 

Ask yourself if you’re allowing any barriers to oppress your flow of ideas? If any fears or barriers are arising, as you’re brainstorming, list them here. Be honest with yourself. List ALL fears or barriers, no matter how big or small.

Check back tomorrow for day three on finding your people.

Details to follow on my free webinar on finding your niche clients on Thursday June 8th at 2pm!

xo Carla