How to Find Your Niche Clients: DAY SIX!

Do you ever get discouraged because you’ve poured your heart & soul into your life’s work — only to have zero response back? 

If you've missed yesterday's post on going inward, dedication & commitment, you can find it here:

The biggest barrier, for most struggling entrepreneurs is not articulating your services + products to your ideal niche clients, in the language they want to hear. 

Your most significant question to answer:


Talk to them & ask!!

Ask what their biggest challenges are, AND, listen to HOW they describe them. 

This is the biggest key — UNDERSTANDING your clients + their needs. Understand WHAT KEEPS THEM UP AT NIGHT? What CAUSES THEM ANXIETY OR PANIC?

Your goal is to describe your service in the exact language that your clients use. ie: clients are rarely going to say, “I want do yoga to balance my mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health”. 

But, they *will* say, “I have chronic anxiety & I panic every time I’m in large groups. I want someone to teach me to how breathe when I’m anxious”

Avoid using the “esoteric” language that many yogis & holistic medicine experts often use. Talk in REAL language that your clients will understand. They want to feel like they can relate to you — and more importantly, that you will understand them.

Stay Tuned for DAY SEVEN of Finding Your People Tomorrow!