How to Find Your Niche Clients: DAY SEVEN!

After you've become clear on your clients burning pains (their pain points) aka = their biggest life challenge. Aka = what keeps them up at night -- You're ready to start creating products and services that are in alignment with solving their burning pains. 

If you missed DAY SIX, on becoming clear on your clients burning pains, check it out, here:

The biggest & most important thing you can do, as an entrepreneur, is to provide a solution to someone’s most difficult challenge.

I know, my beloved Zen Buddhism training, wants to scream out, “no! we’re not solving anyone else’s problems, we’re simply holding space them to come to their healing”.

And, that’s okay. Whatever your practice, however your mind wants to frame it, if you can be the means by which someone else reaches a greater level of healing, you have succeeded.

You are, in essence, a problem solver. 

The optimal mindset is to contemplate *what* you can provide to offer immediate relief — i.e.: A free video series: “How I controlled my Anxiety with These Three Breathing Techniques”

If you can prove that you have valuable expertise to offer, you’ll have clients for life.

Check back tomorrow for more tips on *really* getting inside the minds of your ideal clients.