How to Find Your Niche Clients: DAY FIVE!

After a few days of hardcore brainstorming and choosing one business idea to focus on, I love stepping back & sitting in stillness to *really* let my ideas settle.

If you're still brainstorming, spend a few days on DAY FOUR:

If you've chosen your *one* idea to work with, take a day to chill. Go deeply into your own intuition.

I like to sit in meditation, practice yoga, breathe in fresh air & really ensure, *before* moving forward, that I feel good about the idea that I’m going to work with. Not just good, but, amazing. Excited. Motivated. Inspired.

The truth is, that starting an ethical business is a hustle & a grind. In the best way possible. But, it doesn’t magically appear. It comes to life from thousands of hours of commitment, dedication, self-love, and constant reminders that you have a gift to offer the world, the world *needs* your brilliance, and that you are worthy of receiving love & compensation for your skills.

Check back tomorrow, for DAY SIX of Finding YOUR People. 

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