How to Find Your Niche Clients: DAY EIGHT!

Have you become a master problem-solver? If not, check back on DAY SEVEN!

Ramit Sethi asks one simple question — Have you taken the time to get inside the minds of your ideal clients?

Have you *really* listened to them? Not just implanted your preconceived notions into their healing plan — but, truly, listened to their words?

Too many entrepreneurs forge ahead, explaining their services in a roundabout, self-focused manner that never really address a specific problem their client is presenting. 

If you’re ready to listen, clients and students will tell you everything you need to hear, to sell your services in an approachable and engaging manner! 

Listen for their challenges, for their pain points:

“I’ve been awake all night, with severe digestive pain” 

If you respond by saying, “Acupuncture is a great modality to balance you whole body” — you’re missing their point. 

Same for Yoga instructors: A response of “yoga will help to relax your whole body” — it’s an easy-way-out answer.  

Like in any relationship, listening is the key to love & success. 

More engaged responses could be: “Acupuncture can help to decrease bloating, and to release muscle tension around the abdomen. I can set you up with a 4-treatment package, if you’d like to really focus on relieving this pain” 

or, “We can focus on specific yoga postures that massage your digestive tract and calm your mind.  Let’s book a series of 4 private classes, and we, together, can work toward your goal of relieving your digestive pain” 

Boom. Everyone loves to be listened to.  Like any friendship, nailing your niche market is all about listening — listening to your own inner voice. And theirs.

DAY NINE, coming tomorrow!