From 9-5 to Freedom:

For aspiring entrepreneurs & new grads. 

For trained health & fitness experts who are ready to ditch their daytime desk and transition into full-time entrepreneurial independence.

I totally get it.  You're lying under your feather duvet, staring at your dark-as-night bedroom ceiling.  You're tryna get your “8 hours” when all you’re thinking is, “how the f*#k am I gonna pay back all this school tuition?"

You're wondering whether you're the only wellness entrepreneur on the planet who breaks into laboured breathing and cold sweats when you think about paying your rent. 

No one told you when you were becoming an expert in sun salutations, learning to identify botanical herbs, and creating the latest paleo food therapies, that it was a fine-art-form to actually find the clients to share these epic skills with. 

Imagine if your business started making you thousands of dollars to match the thousands of hours you put in? 

Health and Fitness Pros! Do You:

Dream of leaving your 9-5 job, so you can create your own schedule?

Have a million hours of education, but still struggle to attract clients?

Plan workshops that aren't getting filled?

Watch yogi gurus and health experts online with thousands of social media followers, while you desperately try to brand your services + stand out from the crowds?

Wonder how you can possibly make as much money in your health & fitness career, as you do, in your 9-5?

Feel hesitant to make the big leap into the entrepreneurial world, even though you think about it, daily? 

Could You Imagine How it Would Feel To:

  • Arrive home at night, put on your favourite yoga clothes, sink into your plush leather couch with a glass of (amazing) red wine, and excitedly share with your (loving and supportive) partner, stories of all the people who bought your online course, who booked appointments, and who signed up for your workshops?
  • Book an around-the-world plane ticket to Nepal, Bali, Italy, Fiji, Barbados, Argentina, and everywhere in-between, because your business is so slammin' busy, that you can work from anywhere? 

 From 9-5 to Freedom: What's Included?

Individualized One-On-One Coaching.

Online Video Tutorials.

Professional Business Building Templates

From 9-5 to Freedom is for You,

If You're Ready To:  

Leave Your 9-5 Job & Transition Into Being Fully In Charge of Your Career & Schedule.

Build a Thriving Yoga, Fitness or Wellness Business. 

Conquer Your Fear about Money + Wealth.

Find Your Paying Clients.

Build Your First Online Product or Service.

Write Website and Social Media Copy that SELLS! 

From 9-5 to Freedom Will Teach You:

How to examine your money story, your history with money + any subconscious barriers that are holding you back from creating financial abundance.

How to create a financial blueprint for your business.

How to define + find your own unique niche market of clients who *want* to pay you, for your services. 

How to define the burning pains that keep your clients awake at night. 

How to create EPIC Solutions to your your clients biggest problems. 

How to publish your first piece of professional copy, in an on-line forum that markets to your exact clients. 

How to create + build an online course or an in-person service offering.

How to price products + services to meet your desired annual income goals.

How to empower yourself to speak clearly, confidently, and with ease, about your business.